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Experimenting with Google Assignments via LTI

Jason Albertson

I've been experimenting with using Google Assignments via LTI in Buzz.

Buzz's native GSuite integration is sweet, but we have students break it occasionally, usually because they can't figure out how to log out of their personal Gmail account and log in again with their GSuite account, making it /u/0 for the browser.

GA gets around this by offering users the ability to switch Google users, which made it attractive enough to me (and some other teachers at my institution) to do some poking around. It also offers auto-checking for plagiarism for a limited number of assignments per semester—nice.

But I've run into an issue that makes GA unusable in Buzz. Here's the workflow.

1. I create an activity in Buzz, set it as an external website activity, and supply the LTI credentials generated by

2. I preview the activity to prompt the LTI tool to launch.

3. Somehow, the assignment has already been automatically created, and I don't get a chance to attach files. GA only lets you attach files when you're creating an assignment—you can't edit the assignment to add files.

Anyone else poking around with GA-LTI > Buzz? Anyone else run into this problem (or its solution)?


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