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Amy Jacobson
I have a few questions that are time sensitive and need a response ASAP. First, I just updated my Paraeducators and ASD course in Dawn. I set up the certificate based on mastery points, but before I add the first learners, I want to ensure it's set up correctly. Please verify that I have set it up correctly. Essentially, once they complete the final "Completion Confirmation" question and earned all of the points, I need to confirm that their certificates will automatically generate on their completed course. If I have missed something in this process, please let me know. (I've tried to set up a meeting with Niki regarding these questions, but I haven't heard back and I have learners waiting to be added. Typically, Niki is very responsive so I'm guessing she's unavailable right now.) Second, since I've created a new course (i.e. Paras and ASD), I'd like to have a second email invite that addresses that course specifically (Currently, my invite addresses my first course "Para Training Course". These new learners will not be taking that course and/or have already taken the course.) I need to have different language in the "Paras and ASD" invite. Please advise. Finally, I have learners who are already completing the Paraeducator Training Course. I want to add them to complete the Para and ASD course. Is there anything I need to do differently since they're already active in Dawn (in addition to creating a different invite with language that addresses the Para and ASD course)? Again, these are time sensitive questions as I've already kept a number of learners waiting for about a week waiting to find out these answers. Thanks. Amy Jacobson


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