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Is there a way to re-use an assignment in another course?

Jenny Loomis
I would like to use the same icebreaker activity in multiple courses. Is there a way to create it once and then copy it into other courses, or do I have to create it from scratch in each of the courses I teach?

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Bruce Sharp

Hi Jenny,

You should be able to pull the icebreaker from the course in which it was created. Go to the course to which you would like to add the icebreaker. Click Add Activity. Instead of creating a new activity select Library. From here you should see the domains you have access to. I can't really help too much more because I don't know how your domains are set up. You need to open the appropriate domain (suitcase icon) and navigate to the course where you icebreaker is located. Then you open that course and you can see all of the activities therein. Click Add to Cart for your icebreaker, then the Copy button in the upper right corner.




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