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Activities not showing up as completed for students

Lainie Adams
In addition to the curriculum resources in Buzz, I have added some of my own activities into Buzz for my students to complete. However, they are not showing up at completed no matter how much time the student spends on them. One example is a Google Slide presentation that they completed and shared with me. How does the student (or how do I as the teacher) mark these assignments as completed?

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Bruce Sharp

I would go into the settings for your activity. Under Advanced activity options is a drop-down menu. The one I used for my screenshot is from a video the students need to watch. If yours is set for a specified time how does that compare with the time length of the video? The other option here is "when student marks complete." There is a little checkbox in the corner of the activity in the student view that they would have to click to mark it as complete.

Assessments and practice assignments have additional choices. For example in my course we set the passing score for assignments to be 70%. Then we set mark as complete to be "when student receives a passing score." This kept it in their to-do list until they earned at least 70%. I hope this helps :)

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Lainie Adams

This is fantastic!  Thank you, thank you!  


I knew there had to be a way!  I appreciate you so much.  Have a wonderful day!

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