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GetRightsList API Command

Ryan Nelson
Hi, We are trying to utilize the getrightslist API command but seem to maybe misinterpreting what it is. Our goal is to get a list of all observers and what their entityid / actorid is for what they are observering. If we were to utilize the cmd=getentityrights&entityid= command, we would be slamming you with 65000 API calls. It would be good to just run one command for a domain to get all observers and who/what they are observing. Am I missing a command to get at that information? Thanks for any help on this!

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Ryan Nelson

Hi All!


I received some help on this and wanted to reply back to this comment.  There is a way to get it by domainID utilizing getrightslist command.  


The command you will use for all observers would be: getrightslist&domainid=DOMAINIDHERE&restrictdomain=actor

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