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Feature idea (LEVEL 2)
Yvonne Shafer
I am wondering if you might consider a second “grade” column in Buzz. The grade that currently shows for our students is the grade for only the work that has been completed so far. I do think that this is useful information, and I don't want to see that column go away, but I am wondering if you might also include a column that is more like a “grade to date”… this new column would calculate a grade of zero for any assignment that is past due or missing. This way, students and parents can see one grade that reflects the student’s understanding of the material, and another that reflects their overall performance including pacing. This would help teachers and parents to see where a student might need some intervention- is it with their understanding or is it with their homework completion? Additionally, this new column would be incredibly helpful for teachers at schools like mine where we can’t give zeros for late work during the year. As a result, a student can have what looks like an “A” in the course even if they have only handed in a small of fraction of the assignments. Then, come the end of the year or the day that student needs to transfer to another school, their “A” suddenly turns into an “F” overnight. It would be nice to have both grade columns to accurately reflect the student’s overall course grade. Thanks for your consideration! 😊 Yvonne


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