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Needs Grading Screen - Sort Questions by Score

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Flew Flewelling
A suggestion for the Needs Grading screen. We often have assignments that include an essay question. When I grade the essay question in the Needs Grading screen, I scroll down through the rest of the questions to get a quick sense of which questions the students are missing. I also check to see if there were any questions that the student should have gotten correct but didn't (for instance, in a fill in the blank questions they put "electrostatic charge" instead of just "charge" or some other infinite variation.) I like how the essay question is filtered to the top. I would love to see a setting that allows me to display the missed questions just below the essay question. For instance, it would put the no credit (essay questions) at the top, questions with zero credit (missed questions) below that, questions with partial credit next, and questions with full credit last. Another option would a setting on the teacher side similar to the setting on the student side that "displays only correct answers." This setting might be "only display incorrect or zero credit" answers on the Needs Grading screen. This setting would allow teachers to quickly see what questions the students are missing in an assignment.


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