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Inactivating Users in Dawn

Lonn, Matthew
Is there a way to inactivate users in Dawn? In other words, if I don't want users to be able to access the course any longer after a certain date, how would go about proceeding? The only thing I can find is the delete button for an individual user. I also realize that unpublishing the course removes it from the catalog. But I'd like to inactivate users that are currently in the course also. Thanks

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Lee Jensen

That is a good question. Coming from a background of popular LMS products it seems like this would be a reasonable feature. Currently there is no way to "unenroll a learner". The thinking is that since Dawn is not a subscription based service, the learner "paid" for the course they should be able to view it forever. If Dawn moved to a subscription payment model, which has been discussed, then pausing an enrollment would happen automatically at the end of the subscription.

I am very interested in your motivation for why you would want to unenroll a learner. Often un-enrollment is desired because the course is tied to a schedule in an attempt to force the learner to obtain mastery by a certain date. While deadlines have been shown to encourage activity, Dawn attempts to encourage mastery on the learner's schedule not a mandated one. Instead Dawn seeks to encourage activity through coach intervention, peer groups, gamification, and certification. But I'm only guessing on why you want to unenroll a learner. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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