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Assessment Vs. Practice Questions

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Noelle Thomas
Currently the Practice Questions assignment does not have an essay question option, whereas the Assessment assignment does. I would like to be able to differentiate between a homework assignment and a test with my students (the icon on the assignment is different) so they know the difference between the two. Would it be possible to get the Practice Questions to more closely match the Assessment?

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Bruce Sharp

You can change the icons for activities to help students identify items more easily.

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Bruce Sharp

Also, even though it isn't officially supported, I have successfully added essay questions to a practice activity. You have to do it in the text editor though. It isn't listed in the pop-up menu. Look where it says question type. This says F for fill-in. You can manually change it to essay. If I remember correctly, the code is E. I haven't done it in probably a year, so there is no guarantee it still works.

I think they don't include the option for essay in practice is because students can do practice problems over and over again. The server immediately grades the question so they can work for mastery. In an essay question, students have to wait for you to grade it and provide feedback. That takes away from the immediacy of submitting a practice question.

I'm with you though that we should have the option to choose how we want to organize our courses and our assignments.


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