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Student To Do List Reports

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Jennifer Jaworski
When parents ask "What is my child missing?" as of now, I can direct observers to the To Do List in the gradebook view, but it would be nice to send email reports that list out the items on the To Do list. Is there a way of doing this either in reports or by using course variables in email communication?

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Bruce Sharp

I was planning to request this today too!

Just a few days ago I looked through my gradebook for students who were missing work. I copied them to the clipboard and sent a generic email to students and observers. It essentially said you are missing a bunch of stuff. Get it done.

It would have been so much more helpful, particularly for parents, if it could have used course variables to pull unsubmitted or nonpassing assignments. An email stating "[Y]ou are missing 'X' assignments; here is a list of them..." would be so much more useful. That is especially true for parents who still don't feel comfortable navigating around Buzz.

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