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Chad Kafka (FPS)

(I searched the boards and didn't see, based on title, this idea offered up so sorry of this is a repost)

We would like the functionality where if a student POSTS to a discussion board and/or REPLIES, that the student can turn on notifications for posts and replies in the NOTIFICATIONS area. Currently, if a student posts a reply, the original poster does not get any kind of notification outside Buzz. We feel a notification would help our conversations to run smoother and to be more timely. We know the dashboard displays recent posts but if a student hasn't had a reason to sign into Buzz, they would not see that. We use Buzz for Staff PD as well so having emails go to the user that display the contents of the reply along with a 'reply' link that takes the user right back to the conversation from the email would really help. I would love to see the same functionality like what we have in this Agilix Help Center...I keep tabs on conversations based on emails I get and hit the reply link from the email to come right to what's needed in the discussion thread.


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Jason Albertson

I second this feature idea. Some of our teachers currently use another platform for discussions (Piazza) specifically because it provides email notifications whenever new posts or responses are posted.

I think it would be awesome to see this as another checkbox to turn on in the user notification settings. I would love to get emails about discussion posts and responses as they occur (with their content, preferably), but get a digest about all other assignments.

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