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Latest update changing view for Activity Grader so that printing only captures the visible screen area

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Seth Morris

It looks like the most recent update has made the Activity Grader show in a new full page instead of a "popout" or "popup" screen, and printing the page will no longer capture the entire assessment, but only the visible area of the screen. This was something that was fixed way back in the day (it was addressed in the Release Notes back in 2015: and has worked fine ever since. However, the new view makes the browser's Print function only see the current page and not the entire assessment. Here's an example with a fake student:

With that assessment, the it should print 11 pages of material, which would be prohibitive if you had to do them all as separate print jobs. And since our schools in California are required by the state to print and save work samples that include student answers, this operation is common and frequent. Is there any way this can be fixed so that once again all pages of an assessment can be printed at once?

Thanks for your help!



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