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Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Bruce Sharp

I have several feature requests. I've asked for a few of these before in separate posts. I thought I'd bring them all together. These would make coding in Buzz so much more user friendly for content creators as well as students. They would allow me to easily write questions using range variables. Currently, I spend a huge amount of time and effort creating several different questions using list variables. With my proposed changes I could accomplish the same thing with a single question using a range variable and I would have a much larger pool of questions.

In no particular order:

1) Reduce Fractions: If variables create a fraction like 4/6 I need Buzz to display and/or only accept the answer 2/3.

2) Simplify double-signs: If an expression comes out to x+-2 I need Buzz to display x-2.

3) 1x is x: If a variable creates an expression with a coefficient of 1 Buzz should not display the 1.

4) Eliminate +0: If, for example, using variables Buzz comes up with the expression 5x+0 Buzz should only display 5x.

5) Exclude a number from a range: This would be especially useful when coding fractions. If I could make the denominator a range from -10..10 but not 0 that would be really helpful.


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