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Hiding scores

Ms Sheikh

We have been building a course that consists of full lessons. The lessons contain:

- MCQ Quick check questions - scores collected in Gradebook

- Interactives (Buzz MCQs, Essay questions and Fill in the blank) for learning rather than assessment - No scores collected in Gradebook

- Homeworks (Buzz MCQs, Essay questions and Fill in the blank) - scores collected in Gradebook

We decided to build all the above as Assessments rather than Practice questions as the UI for Assessments met our requirements better than PQs.

We're having issues with the 'Interactives'. We found that, for example, a multiple answer negates scores. e.g. If a question has 2 correct answers, and 1 correct and 1 incorrect answer is selected, then the score is 0/2 rather than 1/2. This doesn't meet our requirements where we don't want students penalised for incorrect answers.

Therefore we wished to switch off scoring completely and we just want students to see crosses and ticks next to their answer selections on submission. 

However, when selecting Assessment settings --> Display question score --> 'Never' the scores are still showing.

Is there any way to hide question scores as this doesn't seem to change anything?


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Bruce Sharp

Hi Ms. Sheikh,

To answer the first part of your question, Buzz doesn't default to giving partial credit. You must tell it to do so. For each question, if you are in the visual editor, scroll down to the individual question settings (not for the whole assessment). You should see a Score heading. Check partial credit (and probably round too) shown below.

If you are using the text editor, it looks like this:


For the second part of you question. I'm assuming you are in the assessment settings in the Assessment Review box. If you check "never" then you are telling Buzz to never show the students how they did.

If you want an assignment/assessment that shows students how they did on individual items, but you don't want it to be a score in the gradebook then you should leave the Assessment Review options to "always." Under Gradebook and Submissions you should uncheck "this activity is gradeable." Buzz will still grade the item and show students their results for individual items, but the score won't count towards students' total grades.

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