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Megan Sticht

There are a couple of options for tests/assignments I'd like to see added. I've seen them in other LMS platforms, and they would be REALLY useful.

First, for any kind of test, I'd like an option that would close out of/submit the test if a student attempts to access a different tab or window. That would cut down on cheating tremendously. 

Second, for language teachers, it would be really awesome to have a test option for a verbal student response--a prompt of some sort from the teacher, and the answer must be recorded by the student. I've been using a workaround by having students do a dropbox submission, and then they do an audio comment as their answer when submitting, but it's not great, since the prompt doesn't show under the dropbox submission page.

Also for language teachers, it would save a lot of grading time if we could have different grading options for typed responses accents and diacritical marks--like if a student gets the words right, but leaves off an accent or tilde or dieresis, a teacher could set the option to deduct half a point. 

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Amy Rountree

For your partial credit idea, I've set up partial credit for a similar math scenario (leaving off the units) by using the different answer options. You can make different answers worth different numbers of points. You have to make sure that the "partial" box is checked under "score" 


For example, see below. The numbers on the left side are how many points a given response is worth. 

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