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Rich Text Activity - Do Not See Paragraph Format Icon

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Annette Walaszek

When I use Editor > Add To > Rich Text Activity, I do not see the Paragraph Format choice (new UI). I only see the font and size icons. These do not set headings which are able to be read by screen readers. 

If I use Editor > Add To > Assignment, I am able to see the Paragraph Format icon. But then teachers need to remember to uncheck "This activity is gradable" or points are assigned.

Will the Paragraph Format icon be added to the Rich Text Activity formatting choices?

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Scott Taylor

Hello Annette,

The quick add for Rich Text Activities has not been updated to the the new editor, though it is on the road map (no ETA at this time). Currently after the Rich Text Activity is created and then edited using the full item editor you can access the new editor with the paragraph option.

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