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Custom Activity Restrictions

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Jordan Bender

In addition to the normal assessment option we are also using custom activities for some of our some of our assessments. We would like to be able to restrict access to some of these custom activities much the same way we can with the normal assessments. At the moment all we can really do put a password on the custom activity but it is only required the first time the assignment is opened.

So my question is: Is there is a way, specifically on custom activities, to require the password we set to be put in each time the assignment is opened? If not, is that something that might ever be possible?

I can create some custom password stuff if needed but I figured Id see if there was anything better built in or in the works.

Im not sure if this is better suited for the Q&A section or Feedback section. Sorry if it's out of place.


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Scott Taylor

Hello Jordan,

At this time there isn't an option for a per-view password for custom activities. We'll flag this as an enhancement request, however there is no timeframe as to when/if it will be implemented.

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Jordan Bender

Sounds good. Thanks for the quick response Scott!

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