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Shaun Creighton

It seems like Buzz uses MathJax to display mathematical notation. When I have used the equation editor and right-click on the resulting notation, it mentions MathJax, as well as two of their notation methods (MathML and AsciiMath). However, looking at the source code after inserting an equation reveals that Buzz has inserted an image rather than HTML code that would produce the equation in MathJax.

Is there a way to actually use the MathML or AsciiMath when editing HTML in Buzz to produce math notation? I'm especially interested in this because I am getting ready to add objectives to some domains, and some of the objectives use math notation, so I'm hoping to be able to put HTML code in the objectives that would display that math notation. Would that be possible?

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Scott Taylor

Hello Shaun,

Objective data is stored in plain text on the server, which means unfortunately that it would not be possible to inject MathML or AsciiMath via HTML into the objective description.

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