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Reset a Grade for Activity and Student TDL

Jeff Lockard

We have teachers that would like to have quick access to essentially reset a student's grade for a submitted activity so that it appears as though the original submission did not occur and the activity re-appears on on the Student's To Do List.

The Clear and Allow Retry options in the Grade Editor are one option, but the item does not seem to re-appear on the TDL for the Student this way.

Is there a way to support this request without too many clicks within the Grade Editor?


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Scott Taylor

Hello Jeff,

Items need to not be marked as complete to display on the student's to do list, and at this time it is not possible from the UI to rescind the completion status of an activity for a student that was not auto-failed. It is possible to do so via the API however it would require an enhancement request to add an option in the UI.

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Bruce Sharp

Jeff, I'm going to assume that you are having students redo assignments because they didn't score high enough. If so, this might work for you...

In our geometry courses students can redo their assignments as many times as they want (to hopefully achieve mastery). We too didn't want assignments to be removed from a student's to-do list until they earned a satisfactory score.

First, be advised that we are still using the old UI so some settings may have been moved in the new UI.

Under the navigation tab on the left side of the screen is the heading Completion. As Scott pointed out above, items are removed from the student's to-do list when they are marked complete. The default setting is to mark as complete when the student: submits this activity. Change that to mark as complete when the student: receives a passing score.

Next, go to the gradebook tab. Scroll down and change the passing score % to whatever is acceptable to you. We use 70%. Now, the item will remain in the student's to-do list until they earn a 70% or higher. If a student earns less than 70%, the item won't be marked complete, so it will remain in their to-do list.

Remember that non-passing scores are listed in the gradebook in red. So even if a student earns 68% (typically a D) it will still be in red to show they didn't pass the assignment. That does not, however, directly affect whether or not they have an overall passing score in the class.

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Jeff Lockard

Thanks to you both for the information!

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Jeff Lockard


What API methods do you recommend to change a completed assignment to be marked as not complete?



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Scott Taylor

Hey Jeff,

PutTeacherResponses with just the EnrollmentID, ItemID, status of 0, and a mask of 1 would update the gradestatus of the activity to remove the completed flag. The combination of status and mask will ensure only the completion flag is removed and all the other gradestatus flags are retained for the enrollment's activity.

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