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Closed Captioning in New Buzz UI

LeAnn Stewart

I have uploaded a new video via Brainhoney.  It shows fine over in the New UI for Buzz.  However, in double-checking it, I found that none of the videos are now showing their closed-captioning.  A video that DOES show it on the Brainhoney platform, no longer shows the closed captions when viewed from the Buzz platform.  Any ideas on how to fix this.  Big issue in servicing IEP/504 learners.

Also, any word on how to add audio for accessibility in the actual course content in the New UI Buzz?  Can't find anything on that at all via the help system.

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Scott Taylor

Hello LeAnn,

Buzz doesn't support hosting videos and audio in the system but rather depends on third-party streaming services for embedded content. To investigate further please reach out to your authorized support contact to verify/troubleshoot the behavior you're seeing.

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