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Sending an Email to a Student

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Amy Schuster

I would love to see a way to send an email without it taking me from my current page. Many times I am grading an assigment and wish to send the student an email about that assignment. In Brainhoney, this was easy. You click communicate, choose send mail, and get a popup email. In Buzz, on the other hand, it takes me to the announcement page where I can no longer see the info, or I can add the student to the clipboard (extra steps), or I can see an actual email icon under people (but no specific assignments). Can we either bring back the dropdown choices like in Brainhoney or add the mail icon (like on the people page) to the graddbook and to do (grade) pages? This makes my grading take much longer because as of right now, I have to have two copies of Buzz open: one to grade and one to send emails. I am loving the new feature to send one email to all all students in all class though! That has been a great time saver.

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Scott Taylor

Hello Amy,

Thank you for the feedback on features that you would appreciate in Buzz. We'll include these suggestions in our discussion for possible inclusion with our continuing updates to the system.

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