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Encrypted Password Feature Request

Kelly Calderone


I, and many of my staff, absolutely despise the encrypted password. Please add a button or something that allows us the choice to encrypt or not. 

Often, a teacher will set a password, then forget what he made it, then won't be able to see it because of the encryption, and then have to change it, further confusing everything. People have a hard enough time remembering all their passwords for email, gradebook, LMS, etc., etc., etc.,. This adds another layer of difficulty.

Also, some Buzz courses have several teachers. If the password is encrypted, the other teachers won't be able to see what it is, or if they forget what it is, they can't easily check and see what it is. 

I request to make the encryption optional. Or make a box for an encrypted password and a non-encrypted password, and let teachers decide which route to take. Or possibly make a button that will allow teachers to "peek" at the original password. 


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Scott Taylor

Hello Kelly,

Passwords will only show as encrypted in Buzz if you are viewing a schema 2 (BrainHoney) course, Buzz uses schema 3. Any course created in Buzz will be schema 3 and older courses created in BrainHoney can be updated to be schema 3. For assistance to update older courses to schema 3 please reach out to your authorized support contact.

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