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How to Set Default "Review" Settings for Domain

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Kelly Calderone

It has come to my attention that students are able to view their previous answers on a Buzz assessment WHILE re-taking the assessment.

Unfortunately, when teachers create tests, Buzz defaults to allow students to see what all of the correct answers are…unless teachers change this setting. It basically shows them all the answers. Apparently, some students have been cheating on re-takes for years because they've figured out how to view previous attempts, and we teachers had no idea they could do this. 

I know that, as a teacher, I can go to Editor, Assessment Settings, and under “Review,” change “Display correct choices” to NEVER. But, we have a lot of teachers who are not as savvy and forget to do this. 

My question is: How can I change this default “Review” setting for my entire domain, so teachers don't have to worry about manually doing this for every test they create? I’d like to set the “Display Correct Choices” setting to NEVER for my entire domain.



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Scott Taylor

Hello Kelly,

At this time there is not a domain option to set default assessment review settings. One possibility is to create a template assessment for teachers to copy that would have the review settings configured as desired and they would then be able to modify the assessment rather than creating the assessment from scratch.

We'll include this suggestion on the list of discussion items for possible enhancements to the system.

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