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Bruce Sharp

I would like you to add a feature to the assignment feedback template. The template feature is great since many students make similar errors. My issue is that the templates are always there for every assignment. I have many hundreds of questions over various math topics in Buzz. The topics are so different, that feedback for a question in one unit would be completely irrelevant for another unit (solving a linear equation vs factoring a quadratic expression for example). I find myself not making new templates because there are just too many to sort through to find the one I need.

It would be immensely helpful if you could add a feature so that when I create a new feedback template I had an option to make it global so it is always visible (how it currently is), or tie the feedback template to a specific assignment or even a specific unit (folder). That would allow me to keep my feedback templates more detailed and focused to a particular topic thus, making it more informative and instructive for the students. It would also increase teacher efficiency when grading as the feedback list would be shorter.

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Scott Taylor

Hello Bruce,

Thank you for the suggestion on a way to improve feedback templates for teachers. We'll note this for inclusion on possible future development conversations.

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