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Enable/Disable Features in new UI

Elizabeth Camarena

In the new UI, the toggle to enable/disable features is confusing. When attempting to disable a feature It goes from very light grey to a slightly darker grey, I highly recommend you add text such as "on" and "off" to the toggle switch or perhaps even a color scheme ... maybe the button turns green when a feature is enabled? Thank you for your consideration.

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Scott Taylor

Hello Elizabeth,

Thank you for your feedback regarding the clarity of enabled or disabled features in the new UI. The color of the selector is dependent on the chosen theme for the UI, which is why we added the additional visual indicator of the left/right positioning of the toggle circle. We'll still add this to the list of items to discuss for possible updates in the new UI.

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Elizabeth Camarena

Got it. I just changed my settings to "high contrast" and it is a lot better. 

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