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Replying to Feedback

Feature idea (LEVEL 2)

Hi! I was wondering if there is a way for me to reply to teacher's feedback, is that at all possible?

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Scott Taylor


At this time there is not an option for students to respond in the system to teacher feedback on grades. We'll add this suggestion to the list of items for possible development.

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Ok, good to know. Thanks!

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Jill Daignault

Brain-based learning tells us that in order for new information to move from working memory to long term memory, a person needs to think deeply about that topic.  Providing thought provoking questions to students in our feedback, to both assignments, assessments, and discussions, is the perfect way to build a relationship with our students and allow for teachers to pose questions about the topic being covered.  It is a great opportunity for the teacher to also help make the material more relevant to the student, and allow the student to participate more meaningful as well.  This is yet another method to help students move knowledge into long term memory.  With that said, it would be a great idea to have a feature that would allow for students to reply to teacher feedback.  

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Shannon Dillman

I frequently ask students questions when I provide feedback, but it is very tedious for the student to go out to email to reply.  I would love to have this feature in Buzz, and I am sure the students would appreciate it, too.  It would certainly allow more meaningful and immediate communications to occur

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Tebben, Kelly

This would be an incredibly useful feature to add that would allow students and instructors to have a shared commentary within the LMS related to individual assessment items.  I would really like to see this feature, as would many of my fellow instructors and students. 

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Bruce Sharp

It would be nice to have the option of separate feedback fields per item so I would have to say:

for #3 kfjsdkhfsah

for #8 ljsdinkelk

for #19 fldjfklds

A feedback field (optionally?) attached to each question would make sense. That would help the student as well, since they wouldn't have to keep scrolling back and forth through the document to find what the feedback pertains to.

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Annette Marchand

I spend a great deal of time providing feedback in the comment box but I have no way of validating if the students have "read" or even accessed the comments. If we had an option for students to "reply" to feedback allowing them to respond to questions and suggestions this would confirm that my efforts are worthwhile, increase communications and learning.

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