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Group assignments not passing back to SIS

Gina Brasongre
I am trying to create a folder of assignments that will only be assigned to a certain group of students. I have created a grading group and created the assignments. I have turned off the viewing of the folder in the master syllabus but have turned on the viewing of the folder in the assigned group. The assignments are correctly showing to the assigned students, but unfortunately, the assignments that I have created are not passing back to our school's SIS. Is there a better way I should do this? My ultimate goal is to have a way to create individualized assignments that are only available to assigned students and only show in the assigned students' gradebook. I also want these assignments to pass back to the Powerschool SIS

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Allison Shepherd
  • Agilix team member

Hi Gina!

The best way to accomplish what you are wanting to do would be to make the folder/activities visible to the whole class and then hide them from the students that should not see it. Essentially, you would be doing the opposite of what you are doing now (making the activities visible to only select students). Does that make sense? 

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