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Assignments weighted zero always fail?

Jason Albertson

Not sure whether this is a bug or an expected behavior, but thought it was worth mentioning:

Across multiple courses, I have found that when I set an assignment's weight to zero, it is always marked as failing in the gradebook, regardless of what grade is earned on that assignment and what grade is set as the passing grade for the assignment.

Here's a workaround that fixes this: if I set up a grade category whose weight is zero, then add the assignment to that category (and make sure the assignment's weight is not zero), I get the desired effect (no impact on course grade) without the unwanted behavior.

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Allison Shepherd
  • Agilix team member

Good afternoon Jason,

This is expected behavior, because category weights factor into the scoring of activities in Buzz. Your workaround is the expected workflow if you do not want the score provided to activities to display as red (failing).

If you do not want the activity to count towards the final grade calculation, you can disable the activity setting "Include this activity's score in final-grade calculation." 

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