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Agenda view in the Calendar

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Gideon Seaman


I love the agenda, as do the teachers I work with. It would be stupendous if, in the calendar tab when the weekly view is selected, the actual agenda would populate below the day. Currently, only the title "Agenda" populates, and is not useful information for the user (other than to know that there is an agenda there). We would like to request that the agenda contents load in the weekly view. This would be useful for teachers, students, and administrators.

Thank you!


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Kevin McBride

I agree. I can understand though, how this would make for a cumbersome calendar, when multiple courses are being viewed. I can also imaging how images and videos in a day's agenda may make this difficult. 

Currently, though, there is no way to view multiple day's agenda at glance. If the agenda were able to be included in the calendar, it would make the calendar far more functional.

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Scott Taylor

Thank you both for your feedback for improvements to the calendar and visibility of agendas. We appreciate suggestions for ways to improve the learning/teaching experience.

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