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Feature Request for variable ranges

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Bruce Sharp

Can you please find a way to let me make a variable range with exclusions? I am trying to use variables in my algebra course more often. However, I often run into issues with the number 0.

For example, if I want to create a fraction I could say:

Var: num = -9..9

Var: den = -9..9

Then code $num$/$den$ to make a fraction with the given numerator and denominator. I wouldn't want to have a denominator =0 though so it would be nice if I could somehow ask for numbers from -9 to 9 except 0. (This also ties into my other feature request of Buzz reducing fractions.)

Another simple example is if I want to write an expression in the form ax+b

Var: a = -12..12

Var: b = -25..25

So I can code $a$x+$b$, but I would never want students to see something like 0x+5 or 3x+0

I have found some ways to work around this, but they generally result in me making ridiculously long comma separated lists of numbers. Besides being tedious, lists tend to greatly reduce the number of possible combinations for questions.


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