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Teacher Feedback Templates Sorting/Organization System Missing

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Erik Hanson

We are a long time Agilx BrainHoney user and now on Buzz.  We worked very hard to help our teaching staff create strong teacher feedback comments for students in the templates area of teacher feedback.  In BrainHoney, these templates were organized by alpha.    We trained our teachers to label so they could find their templates easily.

Since we have transitioned to Buzz, there is not a sorting feature to manage the teacher feedback, nor is it still organized by alpha.  

This is probably the biggest complaint I get as the school leader since we have transitioned to Buzz.  Otherwise, the transition has been great.  

Please consider updating this sooner rather than later as we have many teachers that are frustrated with lack of being able to locate templates that they have created.   Some teachers have 50+ feedback templates and locating the templates is difficult.  

Thank you so much!

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Katie Jadin

Yes, please! This would be very helpful!

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Heather Teske

Yes! I currently have 76 feedback templates; having them organized to save time finding the right one would be very helpful. Thank you!

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Scott Taylor

Thank you for the feedback on ways to improve the use of the feedback templates. If this suggestion is a priority for you please contact your account manager for further discussion.



In last week's update feedback templates are now sorting alphabetically.

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Erik Hanson

Thank you Scott!  We really appreciate it!

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