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Pre and Post Test comparison

Laura Green
I would like to set up pre and post test assessments that don't factor into the overall grade but show a comparison between the two after the post test is completed. What would the settings need to be to make that happen?

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Allison Shepherd
  • Agilix team member

Hi Laura!

There are a few options that will allow you to create an assessment that does not factor into a student's overall grade. These options can all be found in the activity settings:

  1. Set the weight of the activity to 0 in the Gradebook and submission card
  2. Unselect "Include this activity's score in final-grade calculation" setting in the Advanced gradebook options card
  3. Select "Score can be dropped from calculated course score" setting in the Advanced gradebook options card

The only way to compare the student work would be to use the Analytics tab in the Grade Editor and manually compare student work between the two activities. 

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