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group priority

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Bruce Sharp

In the old Buzz editor there was a place to rank group priority with respect to the settings. If a student is in 2 groups that have 2 different passwords, for example, how do I know which password to use.

Here is what I wanted to do. I have an assessment with a different password for each period. At the end of each class I change the password again so the students can't access it. When an absent student comes back I have to give them the new password. When they finish it I have to change it again. That results in a lot of passwords to keep track of. I also have the situation of special needs students making up the assessment with another teacher. I can't give them the password in advance because It might have to be changed before they use it.

I think it may be easier to make a new group (maybe called "makeup"). That group could have its own password for the assessment. When a student is ready to make up the assessment I can add them to that group. When they finish I take them back out. That way no one can use that password unless I put them in the group. No more changing passwords 10 times.

So my question is if a student is in the group for the regular class and in the make-up group which password will their student account recognize?


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