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Grading by Groups Submissions


I have used Brainhoney for 2 school years.  This is my 3rd year and this year we have switched BUZZ.

In Brainhoney, we had to the ability to "Grade by Grouped Submissions".  This is a substantial time saving feature. 

In BUZZ this option is not available.  This has been a great inconvenience this year, due to the added time it takes to grade short answer/essay style questions.  It deters me from using BUZZ for particular activities.

When will this feature be added to BUZZ?

Thank you in advance, 

Shannon Dunbar

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Danielle Lynch Jacobson

Grouped submission grading saved lots of time!!!!  I would love to have this back.

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Kristen Hewitt

I have to support Shannon in this feature.  Having to grade each individual students questions and "switch gears" for every question, then type a score for every question for each student.  Shannon showed me the grouped submission for last year which encouraged me to work more with the brainhoney interface.  If grouped submissions arent brought back I will go back to paper because students like it better and the time spent grading on paper vs no grouped subissions is about the same. 

Kristen Hewitt

Moravia High School

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Margaret Colella

Yes, as a Buzz trainer previously using Brainhoney, this feature was essential in quick grading. We are hoping it comes into Buzz very soon!

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Scott Taylor

Thank you for your feedback on features that were in BrainHoney that are desired in Buzz. There is no ETA for this feature in Buzz at this time.  If this suggestion is a priority for you please contact your account manager for further discussion.

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Kristen Hewitt

I MUST add to this feed again.  I have just encountered another situation where viewing ALL students answers for one particular question when grading is an essential time saver.  After scoring an assessment and an extended response question, I wanted to go back to check my consistency for scoring an answer on one particular question and give students credit, etc.  The only way for me to do this is to go to each student, scroll through their answers, check their work.  Submit and move on to the next.  The Grouped submissions is an essential feature that we as teachers need to be sure that you are working on.  

Please respond to let me know if there is a feature that I am missing in which viewing all answers for one question is possible.


Kristen Hewitt

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