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Michael Miller


So, apparently the students aren’t able to see the “feedback” that a teacher puts into the embedded rubrics (like the ones in the new LA courses). They can only see the comments if they go through the gradebook and pull the feedback up manually. I’m wondering if there is any way to get the feedback that is in the embedded rubrics to show up in the student’s activity feed like the other (general) feedback does….


General Feedback that Shows up in the student’s activity feed


Complete feedback if the student goes through the gradebook….


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Wendy Cooley

I have found this to be a problem, too.  I always put the rubric feedback in the notes section (but it has to be a narrow screenshot or the student can't see it all easily).  Sometimes I put the feedback in both places OR I put a note saying to look at the rubric!  It is a bit time consuming...


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