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Joshua Graegin

We would love to see a feature that gives us an option when creating an assessment that would allow students to view what they missed on an exam for only a brief period of time.  I realize that there are several options for student visibility and that we can adjust these to allow students to see them after certain dates and such.  It would be great for an option to allow students to see what they missed right after they submit the exam, but it disappears after a set amount of time.  

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Scott Taylor

Thank you for the feedback! This request will be passed along for our Product Team to consider for future development.

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Jackie Karenbauer

I am a former user of Blackboard and LOVED their "one time view" for students. Can you do something like this?

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Deb Girdley

Very interested in hearing of any developments regarding a 'brief or one time view' of correct answers for the students. 

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