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Feature request - selective user/server grading

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Bruce Sharp

I would like to see a setting added to fill in the blank questions that I can check to have the question flagged if the student answers it incorrectly and then have that assessment appear in the teacher’s to-do list for review.

There are many occasions where I want to use a fill-in question, but the student answers can vary slightly. In Algebra, for example, I may want the students to write an equation like 3x+5=8x-10. They could put a random space between any or all of those characters and Buzz would mark it incorrect. The terms could be in a different order or the two sides of the equation can be swapped. Some students might even write a partially simplified equations like 3x=15. As you can see the number of alternate correct answers can easily approach the double digits. As the complexity of the equation increases, the number of possible correct answers compounds. I currently have questions in my course with 20+ alternate answers and I still found more correct student answers that I hadn't anticipated.

In geometry, when writing converse, inverse, contrapositive, or biconditional statements most students would use the exact wording from the question so having the server grade these makes sense. However, many students could change the tense or slightly change the wording. It would be impossible to predict all of the potential correct answers.

In both of those examples it would be cumbersome to go back and open each student’s assessment, and scroll to that question to see if it is correct. If Buzz could flag just the questions the server marked wrong and send them to my to-do list I could quickly scan for acceptable answers that had not been anticipated.

I envision a checkbox for each question in the editor called “flag incorrect for review” or something to that effect. If that were checked, and if the server marked that question wrong, then it would be sent to the teacher’s to-do list.

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Scott Taylor

Thank you for your feedback for ways to improve Buzz. We appreciate requests to improve the teaching experience. This request has been passed along to our Product Team for further consideration.

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Bruce Sharp

This would be a HUGE improvement for my courses. Several of my coworkers have expressed interest in this too. Can you please make sure it is still on your list of enhancements?

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