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Continuous Enrollment 365

Elizabeth Camarena

I want to copy a derivative child copy of a master course and set it for continuous enrollment. The start and end dates along with the "days the course will be offered" are throwing me off. Do I have to manually calculate the number of days in our school calendar? For the sake of entering in a total, should I calculate it with weekends included? 

Does it even matter? Because when a student is enrolled in the course I can adjust their start and end dates too, right?

It's confusing me. 

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Scott Taylor

The start and end dates are there for courses to be determined as active or expired for course management. The number of days is to include weekends and it is used for the default length of an enrollment.

Enrollment start and end dates are independent from the course start and end date, and they can be changed from the default length as defined at course creation. This means that a course enrollment can be active after the defined end date for a continuous course.

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