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Wendy Cooley

 Hi!  I see something posted from last year saying Buzz was working on getting a student notes section that is private to the teacher/admin.  Is it available yet?

I would really love to have this so I could document things like: emails sent to a student, phone conversations, behavior issues, special needs, etc.

I would like to be able to click on the student's name and have these notes instantly available.  I would say this is a top priority for improving my ability to know my students individually and respond quickly to questions that come up.  Without this I am left with pen and paper lists of students --or excel docs--that have to be constantly updated with newly enrolled online students.  This one addition to Buzz could save me hours of work organizing another system for keeping up with student's individually.  :)


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Dennis Killmer

This feature would be very helpful and eliminate the need for emailing from Buzz!

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