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Mrs. Oertel


Are students able to comment on each other's blog posts?

Thank you!

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Scott Taylor

Students are able to comment on other student's blog as long as they can view the other's blog. Students that are in the same course and group will be able to view and comment on group/course mates blog by clicking on the title of the blog post and entering the comment in the text box that appears.

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Ken Sajdak


I see posts, and can read them, but any entry I make ends up in my own blogs.

How do I respond to others for them to be able to easily see?

Shouldn't there be a "Reply" link or textbox?



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Scott Taylor

To comment on another enrollment's blog post one must first click on the hyperlinked title of the post they wish to comment on. This will expand the information for that post, display any other comments, and it will show the "New Comment" text field to enter a comment.

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Ken Sajdak



So Obvious!




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