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Show Points in Performance View

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Kevin McBride

One of our teachers would like to see the student points in the performance view. After choosing Edit Score Display from the Options menu, we are able to choose points as the display. 


We expected to see the value from the points that we selected from the score entry options in the editor (points is selected).  Instead, we are seeing the value from Weight in Category.

Is there a way for us to view, in Performance View, the unweighted points for an assignment?

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Scott Taylor

The performance view is designed to display as the final grade will show, so it will show the weighted value of the assignment. I will pass the request of viewing the "score entry" value in the Performance view along to our Product Team for further consideration.

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John Wayne McClung

It would also be great if the students could see how much the assessments/assignments are worth.  Currently, I can't find anywhere for the students to figure this out.  

By the way, teachers can see point values by checking the FOOTER settings.  Click on EDIT VISIBLE FOOTERS, then click on what you want:


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