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REQUEST: Organization Options for Grading Templates

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Bill Carroll

In BrainHoney, the templates used for grading were in alphabetical order.  Transitioning to Buzz, the templates used for grading are now in chronological order.  I had my templates organized by how I had them titled (praises, corrections, essays, group discussions, and so forth).  Now everything is scrambled.  Can we please get some methods of organizing those templates without having to retype the entire list (and hope that no new templates need to be added later)?  A way to group the templates used to grade a particular assignment, please.

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Flew Flewelling

+1  I 150% agree with this!  The templates I use most were added last, so they show up at the bottom of the list instead of the top.  I would love the ability to drag and organize them into whatever order I want.  Depending on the grading period I use some templates more than others.  It would be nice to drag those templates to the top.  Then drag different templates up for other grading periods.  

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Wendy Cooley

Yes!  I agree!  I would like to see a way that the templates would be organized with each assignment, not just the class as a whole.  Then, we could have specific comments grouped under each assignment only--and not have a huge list available for the entire course.  This would truly make the feedback specific and useful for the assignment the student is currently working on!

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