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Match Expression 1x vs x

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Bruce Sharp

I'm using variables to write expression for my algebra students to factor. I'm having the issue that if the answer has a coefficient of 1 (i.e. 2x^2 + x - 1) Buzz marks the answer wrong unless the students type 1x. I can't think of a situation where I would want the kids to write the coefficient of 1. At first this seems like a difference between Match Expression vs Equivalent Expression. Buzz can do some equivalent answers using match. For example, if an answer is (x + 2)(x - 1) Buzz will also count (x - 1)(x + 2) correct. I would really appreciate it if you could get Buzz to accept x as well as 1x.

Here is the code for my question:

Type: F

Options: Match

Score: 1, Partial

Var: GCF = 2..5

Var: a = 2..4

Var: b = 1..3

Var: c = 1..5

12) Completely factor: `$eval($GCF$*$a$,#)x^4 + $eval($GCF$*$b$,#)x^3 - $eval($GCF$*$c$,#)x^2`



  1. $GCF$x^2($a$x^2 + $b$x - $c$)

$GCF$x($a$x^3 + $b$x^2 - $c$x)

$GCF$($a$x^4 + $b$x^3 - $c$x^2)

x^2(eval($GCF$*$a$)x^2 + eval($GCF$*$b$)x - eval($GCF$*$c$))

x(eval($GCF$*$a$)x^3 + eval($GCF$*$b$)x^2 - eval($GCF$*$c$)x)

% 1|0.5|0.5|0.5|0.5

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Bruce Sharp

I wanted to bump this post from a year ago and add something to it. I need to use Options: Match. I want the kids to be able to type "x" in place of "1x" and type "x" in place of "x^1".

An example of the exponent would be factoring a difference of perfect squares. I'm using variables for the exponents on the variables. If the questions ended up being 4x^2-9y^4 I want the correct answer to be (2x+3y^2)(2x-3y^2). Buzz marks it wrong if the kids don't put in 2x^1.

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