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Missing Assignments

Susan Bateman

We would like to label missing assignments with a M.  Also, teachers would like to be able to then just pull a list of missing assignments for a particular student or for a particular assignment.  

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Joshua Graegin

I could not agree with this more!!!  YES +100.  I, as well as a number of teachers I work with have constantly talked about when a student has a missing assignment versus a 0 on an assignment.  I think it would also be beneficial if this gave the teacher the option as to how to treat the M in regards to the impact on a grade...individual teachers can choose either M treated like a 0 or M just missing the assignment, but no impact on grade.

Susan Bateman

Great points!  I also agree with giving teachers the opportunity to treat the M in different ways that impact or don't impact the grade.  

Trinda Copeland

Yes! Yes! Yes!  We do need this feature.  Further, with the ability to mark an assignment M - it would be great to be able to generate a report with that information, so that we can share it with parents.  

Kevin McBride

Trinda does bring up an excellent point. Being able to run a report on missing assignments would be very beneficial.

Mandy Wenglarz

Please, please add a missing assignment button in the grade book!!!!


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