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Chat with Your Teacher

RCSD eLearning Team

We'd like to see an instant message/chat feature within Buzz that can be used between teachers/student!

Chat with your teachers - If your teacher indicates that they are online.  Teachers have ability to turn it on, so they don’t show as available/online ALL the times that they are online – teachers might just be checking something quick; not have time to chat every time they are logged in.  

Teachers however should always be able to see when their students are logged in…

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Seth Morris

Yes, I'll add to this a request from our virtual academy for this very feature--I think it would make the Communication menu an even more powerful tool, especially for distance education. Being able to see when students are currently logged in and then instant message them without leaving the LMS would be very helpful in comparison to using an exterior platform (even one as easy and ubiquitous as Google) for this sort of communication. Let's face it, kids don't check their email often, so using that is a hit-and-miss proposition, but class announcements are not always appropriate for getting a particular student's attention, and in-system chat would be just the thing!

Scott Taylor

Thank you both for your feedback, this request has been documented and passed along to our Product Team for further consideration.

Mike Morone

Yes, this feature might be very helpful to us as well.  

Our courses are asynchronous and our students are often remote. It's hard to get them to call, email, or even text when they have questions.  So we think maybe a chat option would be an option they might use. 


Shane Foglesong

Just curious if this is in the near future at all?

Mike Morone

We would love to see this feature soon. Thanks. 

Scott Taylor

There is no definite ETA at this time. If this suggestion is a priority for you please contact your account manager for further discussion.

Nelson, Rochelle

Is this on the road map now? Do you have an update on this feature?  Thanks ;)

Michael Miller

ND Center for Distance Education is also interested in this feature.

Mike Morone

Yes, GREAT feature if it can be developed.  We use LiveAgent as an alternative, but would like to see built-in. 

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