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RCSD eLearning Team

We'd like to see some improvements to the Communicate feature.

Have email be completely internal – no need to use an outside system, but can get notifications in outside email if you want.col

Alphabetize list of people in class by last name not first name (you can choose/sort in gradebook, but not in communicate)

Allow teachers to still email students who are no longer active in the course – completed, etc.  If set to automatically complete, teacher might still want to email them with follow up information, a congratulations/completion certificate, etc.

Have a record of these emails within the system.  If a teacher forgets to click box to send copy to self they have no record of email sent.  Have the text added to the bottom of emails sent be searchable.  The text your system adds at the bottom of the email ("sent on behalf of teacher name to students names”) is grayed out and therefore un-searchable, so if a student says they did not get an email, it is hard for the teacher to find it!

If email does not become internal to the system, then we’d like to see it allow system administrators to lock down emails – make it so students cannot change them.  We load students with their district given email, but many change it to their personal emails, then if there are issues, we cannot trouble shoot that for them.  Maybe allow for secondary emails – if users want, they can add a personal email in addition to one we load.

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Dennis Killmer

Keeping student/teacher communications in Buzz with internal notifications would be a very helpful feature for us. Here is what happens often in our school: student sends a message to the teacher from Buzz, teacher responds, and student never receives the response because the students expect to receive responses in the LMS. Students rarely check their school email accounts because this is not a primary mode of communication with their teachers.

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Bruce Sharp

+1 on email notifications in Buzz and on adding a second email. The student's primary email directs to their school gmail account. It would be great if there were a second address option that we could direct to their parents' email.

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Dennis Killmer

Dear Agilix,

Please consider creating a communication tool in Buzz so teacher-student communications are part of the course.

Thank you!

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Kevin McBride

Students already see a preview of the message in their activity feed in addition to sending the email. It may be helpful to allow students to see the full message within Buzz.

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Dennis Killmer

It would also be helpful if students could respond to these communications without leaving Buzz.

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Jesse Fox

Any response from Agilix on this subject...Is something possibly in the works?


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Scott Taylor

All this feedback has been noted and at this time there is no ETA when/if this will be developed. We continually review suggested features and include them in discussions for future development.

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