Buzz: Product Feedback

Empty Recycle Bin

Feature idea (LEVEL 2)
Christopher Altman

The ability to restore items that have been accidentally deleted is fantastic. But, from an administrative position, the ability to "empty" the recycling bin would offer users who are piecing together master courses some extra flexibility.

Our company has a hierarchy of master-derivative courses, and sometimes mistakes are made when sequencing. Items are pushed more than once, creating duplicate AssetLinks, assessments, folders, modules, et cetera. The ability to empty the trash can could provide a cleaner administrative experience, while also restricting the ability to those who have the proper roles/permissions in the system.

I`m aware that a user can move items into a folder and then delete the folder for a cleaner recycling bin. While this does clean things up a bit, it still allows duplicate items to live within a course. Adding the enhancement to empty the recycling bin, much like emptying your computer`s recycling bin, would greatly help our efforts to overhaul our courses.


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