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Ability to Mark a Student Absent

Feature idea (LEVEL 2)
Flew Flewelling

I'd like to see the ability to indicate whether a student was absent for an assignment.    

There are a bunch of different ways this could be accomplished.  For instance, add the ability to put an "a" in the score box.  

  • In the Quick Edit mode, instead of putting in a number, you could put in an "a" to show they were absent.
  • In the Assignment mode, you could put an "a" in the score box, or maybe have an absent box that puts an "a" in the score box.


My preference then would be to have "a" count as 0 points until the student makes up the assignment.  Or, The "a" could display, but the score would follow the "treat unscored as zero"  (It doesn't count as a 0 until the teacher marks "treat unscored..." then it counts as a black zero but would still display an "a" until the number score is inputted.)

Another way to demonstrate that is a student is absent would be to shade the box in the grade book a different color.  The benefit to this would be that the box shade wouldn't be affected by the grade in the box.  

This benefits everyone by giving them more information.  The students, parents, and teachers, can quickly see in the grade book then if absences are affecting the grade, assignments that need to be completed because they were absent, etc.   





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