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Enhanced Workflow with Google Docs

Implemented feature idea or fixed bug
Kevin McBride

I would like to request a feature to allow for an easier workflow for assignments that are Google Documents. This type of workflow is available through the Doctopus script and Google Classroom.

  • The teacher should be able to upload a Google Document as an Attachment
  • When the student clicks on the attachment, a copy of the Google Document is created in a Buzz folder on the student's Google Drive account, The teacher should be the owner of the document, the student should be an editor. It may also be helpful for the student to automatically submit a kind of "draft submission" that would be available for recall from teachers and students, but not be ready to grade.
  • When a student is complete with the assignment, they should be able to submit the assignment through the dropbox, This should also change the document to "View only" for the student.
  • After the assignment is graded, the document, should change ownership of the google document back to the student.

Currently, most teachers are able to put a link to a 'view only' document, which students have to 'create a copy' and 'share'. This leaves students as owners of the documents, which cannot prevent future edits from the student.

This feature request would be a large undertaking, but would be a very worthwhile feature for students and teachers to have this integrated into Buzz.


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