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"Print" option for assessments does not work - only generates one page

Meri Tunison

Hello! When viewing an assessment and trying to "Print" a paper version (or generate a PDF) for a learner, Buzz only generates some of the assessment content. Here is what I have found. There is a workaround in Chrome, but not from what I can see in Firefox.


  1. Open assessment, click "Print" button next to Start
  2. Select the student for the new attempt, click "Print" again
  3. Look through the preview to confirm that all the questions are showing - in my example, there are 15 that I see which is correct.
  4. Click "Print"
  5. ISSUE: The Print and "Save as PDF" options only generate 1 page of content. See image below.

If you click Cancel and return to the preview screen, a workaround in Chrome is that you can manually select all the text in the preview, then right click and select "Print." This does generate a PDF/print option that includes all questions.

I also discovered you can't use CTRL + A to select all text and then right click, select "Print." This generates a longer PDF/printout option, but it still will likely be cut off near the end of the assessment questions. For example, when I try this with a 15 question assessment, it cuts off at #14.

Note that none of these workarounds seem to work in Firefox. I have run into this issue on two separate computers, it is not a computer issue.

Even with a workaround in Chrome, it appears that the "Print" option in Buzz does not quite work as intended. Could this be fixed?

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Allison Shepherd
  • Agilix team member

Good afternoon Meri,

Thank you for the detailed post! I would be more than happy to look into this a bit further. 

In order for me to investigate, would you please provide the course ID and activity ID where this behavior is occurring?

Thanks in advance.

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Meri Tunison

Hi Allison - Sure thing, see below! Please be aware that the same issue happens with any of the assessments, not just the example listed.

Course ID: 202040791

Activity ID: 9023_quiz

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Meri Tunison

Sorry for the duplicate replies, Allison, I just wanted to add another two courses that are from different vendors/authors and all have the same issue with the "Print" option:

Course #2

  • Course ID: 144878460
  • Activity ID: 067686197aab49cebb2643f85265eb37

Course #3

  • Course ID: 178928091
  • Activity ID: 0c515860256d4be9b48e97e196586318


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Allison Shepherd
  • Agilix team member

Hi Meri,

Good news--we have located the issue causing this behavior and have created a fix that will be included in our next release of Buzz! You can follow the Agilix Learning Suite Release Notes page to be notified when this change is deployed. 

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